Happy Easter

Hopefully you are all having a restful weekend and maybe some of you are still counting/eating the eggs from your Easter Egg Hunt. Whether you are Christian or not, the Easter story has evoked some sublime music from composers over the years. This year, I'm focussing on my main man, Johann Sebastian Bach, mainly because his style is studied at A Level. This is the perfect time to put the four-part chorale and the sound world of the two part counterpoint into context. BBC Radio 3 has a plethora of programmes about Bach and his Passions. Last week we heard the St John Passion and St Matthew Passion live. Tuning in to either of these and listening to how Bach sets these evocative texts will really bring this style to life. You will hear the dramatic choruses, reflective arias, and of course, contemplative chorales. I am pretty sure you could get your hands on a score if you tried (hello imslp) so take some time out to soak up this really beautiful music. 

If you are a Spotify kind of person, here are links to two iconic recordings of the works:

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