Tuesday Tunes - 04/04/17

Beaumont Music Department presents Tuesday Tunes; weekly recommendations for all audiences, curated by the Beaumont Music staff.

Recommendations for this week:

John Luther Adams - Become Ocean

An orchestral composition by John Luther Adams (not the arguably more well-known John Adams from last week) from me this week. This single-movement work won a Pulitzer Prize and a Grammy in 2014. It is a sublime piece, perfect for the end of a long term. Inspired by the oceans of Alaska, it is an immersive work that needs to be played through good speakers or headphones. Enjoy.

- Mr G

With the advent of this lovely weather (long may it continue), this always makes me turn to Brahms' String Sextet in B flat major. The opening texture really makes me think of the trees blossoming and the sun emerging from the clouds.  Lush.

- Ms D

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