Tuesday Tunes - 11/4/17

Beaumont Music Department presents Tuesday Tunes; weekly recommendations for all audiences, curated by the Beaumont Music staff.

Recommendations for this week:

Gamelan Galak Tika

A group combining the music of the Balinese Gamelan with a whole variety of styles from around the world. Led by composer Evan Ziporyn, this group are amazing and their music is crazy and fun. This is sure to go down well with students in KS4 and 5 - but trust me, these guys are amazing.

- Mr G

Despite being away in Pembrokeshire, I couldn’t resist contributing to Tuesday Tunes. This week is Holy Week in the Christian Calendar and it brings back very fond memories of visiting Buckfast Abbey for the Easter weekend and singing for the services from Maundy Thursday through to Easter Sunday.  There is nothing better for the soul than making music with friends and for years, a group of us from Oxford and another from Cambridge (brought together by two very close friends) would get together and sing glorious music. It's difficult to pick a highlight as Easter music is rich and plentiful. But I've chosen for Lotti's Crucifixus. A wonderful piece full of suspensions, full of tension and release.


Crucifixus etiam pro nobis.
Sub Pontio Pilato, passus et se pultus est.
[He was] crucified even for us, under Pontius Pilate: 
[he] suffered and was buried.

- Ms D

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