Tuesday Tunes 13/6/17

Beaumont Music Department presents Tuesday Tunes; weekly recommendations for all audiences, curated by the Beaumont Music staff.

Recommendations for this week:

Alexander D Great - Haiti

This week Year 10 were visited by Calypsonian musician Alexander D Great. He performed some of his songs and together they wrote a simple Calypso. His songs were amazing, but I was particular struck by 'Haiti', the tune for which Alex was awarded the title of 'London Calypso Monarch' in 2010. Written after the earthquake which destroyed Haiti in 2010, it investigates many of the issues plaguing the country.

- Mr G

The Mendelssohn Octet reminds me of some really fun university days. I remember rehearsing this on a summer's evening in Brasenose Chapel, very much like tonight, and loving it and loving life. An absolutely cracking piece of chamber music. 


- Ms D

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