Choral Timeline

Year 12 A2 students take note!

The link here takes you to the BBC Singers' own choral timeline. This is an excellent addition to the presentation I gave on Monday. The BBC Singers have selected unaccompanied sacred works from Dufay to the present day, giving a whistle-stop tour of the choral repertoire. You have the opportunity to listen to the selected tracks, as well as read about the composers and the time in which they were working. This is an invaluable resource; please make sure you have a read and listen!
There is also a lot of useful information here, which will help you with this week's timeline homework, as well as giving you a good overview of genres and the development of instruments over the history of music.

Next week's Composer of the Week on Radio 3 is Tomas Luis de Victoria (note the spelling Eddy!). Click here for more details and make sure you listen to repeat (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 8.45pm) or use the Listen Again facility.

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