Auditions for Vocal Ensemble and Training Ensemble

Right, this is how this is going to work.

Vocal Ensemble & Training Ensemble

On Wednesday 4th September (yes, the first day back), after school, we will be holding auditions for places in our two advanced singing ensembles, the Vocal Ensemble and Training Ensemble. There is no need to sign-up, just arrive after school on the Wednesday.

We would welcome auditions from singers of any voice as we will make decisions about who will gain places in which ensemble based on the quality of auditions.

Anyone wishing to audition must demonstrate a long-standing commitment to the choir, members of this year's Training Ensemble are encouraged to audition for the Vocal Ensemble, and will be given preference when deciding places. However, if an audition is deemed to be outstanding, we will consider a position in the Vocal Ensemble. The panel will be comprised of Mr Guinane, our new teacher Miss Beaton, and a music captain. The final decision lies with Mr Guinane.

What will I have to sing?
As well as general scales, arpeggios and vocal exercises, you will be required to sing the soprano line of Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus.  You can collect a paper copy of the music from the Music Department before the end of term, or download the music below.  The track is below if you would like to hear everything in context.

Click here for the Ave Verum Corpus sheet music.

Singing is hugely important at Beaumont School and we are really excited about the prospect of new members in our advanced ensembles. Give it some thought and see you in September.

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