Training Ensemble and Vocal Ensemble 2015/16

Dear all,

Thanks to all those who auditioned today.  The standard was significantly higher than it has been in previous years.

Listed below are the members of the Vocal Ensemble and Training Ensemble for 2015/6. Voices parts will be decided depending on repertoire.

Vocal Ensemble:


Naomi Baker
Hannah Carruthers
Hannah Crisp
Elise Cutforth
Beth Dickinson-Macrae
Lois Fordham
Alice Hancock
Bethan Hughes
Laura Knill-Jones
Mae Lankshear
Bethany Lincoln
Tamsin Sandford Smith
Katie Walton
Lucy Wilson


Sidney Brass
Oliver Davies
Theo Habbick
Tom Holmes
Joseph Lee
Joseph Lewis
Tom Pate
Patrick Quinn
Michael Winter

Training Ensemble:

Sian Appleyard
Clare Baker
Amalia Bolton
Chloe Dickinson-Macrae
Alice Fraser
Grace Fryer
Nell Hayes
Lydia Jacobs
Poppy Oliver
Katie Ripley
Molly Robbins
Raya Tan Ward
Lauren Walker
Emily Webster
Becky Weir

Congratulations to all those successful this year. Positions in both choirs are of course dependant on regular attendance at rehearsals, and continued commitment to Choir and or Male Voice Choir.

The first rehearsal for both groups is Wednesday 9th September 2015.

If you have received a place in Vocal Ensemble, you must email us your email address to as soon as you see this, even if you think we already have it.

To all those not successful this time around, we were really impressed with your singing, and encourage you to continue to attend our choirs, to develop further.

Ms Doan and Mr Guinane

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