Summer Concert Information (The Most Important Blog Post You Will Read THIS YEAR)


Operation Summer Concert is go. Here are the details:

- Please bring a foldable music stand if you can

Years 7-9 (involved in ANY ensemble):

- You will meet in Music at 1205
- You will carry all of your stuff, and anything else you will carry, onto a coach at 1230
- You will look a bit like this (the donkey, not the man):

- You will arrive at the place by coach, eat your lunch, and be ready to begin rehearsing at 1300
- Bring lunch, some reading or some work to do
- We will rehearse 1300-1525
- You will be dismissed from St. Paul's Church, and make your own way home
- If this is a problem, you must let us know asap

Year 10

- You will do as above, but may end up in a coach/minibus/6th formers car/walking

Year 11

- We will see you at St. Paul's Church at 1245, ready to start rehearsing at 1300
- If you are able to pick up any equipment from Music first, either in a car or on foot, we will love you even more than we already do

Year 12/13

- We will see you at St. Paul's Church at 1245 (or earlier to help set up), ready to start rehearsing at 1300
- Unlike Year 11, we expect you to come and collect some equipment first


- Rehearsals will run as follows:

Big Band 1315-1330
Senior Strings 1330-1345
Orchestra 1345-14.00
Concert Band 1400-1415
Choir 1415-1430
Male Voice Choir 1430-1440
Training Ensemble 1440-1450
Saxes 1450-1500
Clarinets 1500-1510
String Group 1510-1520
Floup 1520-1530
Vocal Ensemble 1530-1545

Be on it, there will be unspeakable consequences if you are not

The evening

- Arrive at the church no later than 1830. Dress is summer uniform or smart black/black&white
- Usual rules apply re: dress code
- We will show you where you will leave your stuff
- The concert begins at 1900, will have an interval, and will end before 2030


- Parents/carers: if you are able to take any equipment, however small, home with you, and return in to school before the end of term, we would be most grateful

Summing up

- The new venue gives us a chance to perform to a wider audience, in a high-quality performance space. It creates a bit more stress, be will be totally worth it

- Quality questions only please

Mr Guinane

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